HMRC investigations

Being the subject of a tax investigation by HM Revenue & Customs can be a worrying experience.

In this situation you need the advice and experience of an established firm of accountants. That is where Spain Brothers can help.

We can also assist in making disclosures to HMRC where applicable. Many of our clients with second properties have sought our help with disclosing previously undeclared rental income, but we have also helped clients to disclose income to HMRC arising in other areas too.

If you are subject to an enquiry we will liaise with HMRC on your behalf and we can also act for you at any meetings.

The professional fees for such enquiries can be quite high and in this respect we can offer professional fee insurance to cover these costs at a reasonable annual premium. Please note that the premium needs to have been paid before the enquiry is opened by HMRC.

Our tax team has an enormous amount of experience in dealing with these enquiries and also has an excellent record in achieving successful outcomes.

Please contact us for further details.

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